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Looking for some excitement? Wild hog hunting is not for the faint of heart. Tracking wild hogs through the swamps and bottomlands of Georgia is sure to get your blood flowing.

Hog Hunting with Dogs

This is an option that is gaining in popularity for many reasons. It is by far the most exciting and effective way for wild boar hunting. When hog hunting in Georgia with dogs, NO FIREARMS or BOWS are allowed. Knives and rope only. Two guides go out with the hunters. 
Once the hog dogs, normally curs, locate and bay a hog, the catch dogs go in and hold the hog for the hunters. At this point the hunters are running through the brush trying to get to the hog and dogs. Upon arriving the guides will talk you through the process of gaining control, flipping the hog and trying or dispatching  the wild hog.  This type of hunt should be considered dangerous. Sometimes it will be a young 70 lb. boar, a 200 lb. sow with a bad attitude or a 300 lb. boar hog that will take everybody to flip and tie. We use this technique throughout the year with the exception of during firearms deer hunting season. This is normally a morning hog hunt or night time hog hunt depending on the weather.

Hog Hunting Rates

​​Stand or spot-n-stalk  - Day hunt.  Guaranteed shot opportunity                 $425/person
Includes one hog. Additional Hogs $200 each. 

Hog Hunting with Dogs -  Day or night hunt  95% success rate.               $525/person

Thermal Night Vision Hunt -  No limit on hogs   2 person min.               $625/ person
Includes guns and ammo. For more info please visit our
Thermal hunting Page

The above video was taken while training hog dogs but it gives a repersentation of the terrain and excitement of  hog hunt with dogs