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Located in Central Georgia, Black Creek Plantation is a family owned and run quail hunting plantation. With its relaxed atmosphere Black Creek Plantation is worlds away from the stresses of everyday life. We provide many types of hunting, from fast flying Georgia quail hunts, quality deer hunts, wild hog hunting, duck hunting, turkey hunting and dove shoots.  We look forward to having y’all come hunt with us..

The Lodge @ Black Creek is a modern facility with WiFi and all the convienaces you have come to enjoy. In addition to being the center of activity The Lodge is also available for long family vacations or weekend getaways. Fishing for trophy largemouth bass is now also an off-season option. Corporate outings can be arranged to suit your needs.

Georgia Quail Hunting

Whether it is a corporate retreat or a group of old friends, quail hunting guest of Black Creek Plantation experience fast flying quail hunted over trained dogs with exceptional guides in plantation style and comfort. Quail hunting has long been the focus at the plantation and quail habitat is always being improved. Our quail hunts can be catered to your demands. We offer quail courses that vary from open fields to plantation cut pine trees. Coveys of quail are located throughout the property.

Georgia Wild Hog Hunting

Wild hog hunting at Black Creek Plantation is a very exciting sport. Wild hogs are a very challenging animal to hunt because of their keen senses of smell and hearing. Wild hog hunting is either from stands, still hunting, or guided hog dog hunts. We can design a Georgia hog hunt for whatever you desire. Georgia hog hunting does not get any better.

Georgia Deer Hunting

Deer hunting at Black Creek Plantation is conducted under Quality Deer Management (QDM) standards to assure quality bucks. With over 2000 acres and 20 years of quality management, deer hunting at Black Creek Plantation offers the opportunity to harvest the buck of a lifetime. The average buck will gross more than 120 B&C points with our largest buck to date grossing over 155 B&C.

Georgia Turkey Hunting

Spring gobbler hunting at Black Creek Plantation is from late March to May 15th. With over 2000 acres and only 3 groups of hunters everyone has plenty of room. You and your guide will engage in the most addictive hunting there is.

Black Creek Plantation

690 Carl Smith Road,  McIntyre, GA 31054

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